Puttery Treats


Puttery Treats For Summery Days…

It's hot and it's beautiful and more than that it's Thursday which really does put me in the mood for a Puttery Treat or twenty five in celebration of all that is sunny and homely... * Fill hot water bottles with cold water and place them the fridge first thing in the morning, then pop between the lightest cotton sheets you own just before bedtime, for the nights when sleep seems impossib[...]


A Very Puttery February

Goodness, commit to doing something once a month and in the blink of an eye, a whole month passes by. Because, yes Sweethearts, it is time for all my Puttery Post lovelies to check their in-boxes all over again and discover this months Puttery Treats waiting to be collected in one easy download... February was I think, a rather fabulous puttery month, jam-packed with a series of treats cr[...]


Puttery Treats For A Rainy Summer Weekend

It seems to me that occasionally the universe saves up the rain in order to force us to send the weekend at home instead of dillydallying around garden centres, car boot sales and the God Forsaken nightmare that is the out of town retail centre... And so it comes to pass that we find ourselves wandering around a grey little house, droplets of rain on the windows like prison bars between u[...]


Puttery Reminders For Today

Eat avocado and black pepper speckled cream cheese on grainy seedy toast and drink peppermint tea. Plant sweetcorn and marigolds and beans. Write down five reasons to be grateful and pin to bathroom mirror. Scan vintage flash cards. Buy pale green ink for birthday thank you cards. Hunt out lemonade jelly recipe for Isabel. Seek out lidded jug for iced cucumber water (oh cucumber how I lo[...]