The Decision

  It's a gorgeous day. Outside the sounds of a suburban Summer are humming through the lane gardens: lawnmowers, children playing, bees buzzing - and inside Ste and I are working in companionable silence, iced lemon water at our side and shared intentions unspoken between us. It has been half-term this week and I have spent it with Finley, enjoying what he enjoys and setting[...]


Coming Soon!

  Just a little heads up me Darlings... The paperback and ebook versions of Trash and Treasure are almost upon us so if you want to be the very first to place your order when it is published, do pop your name into this form won't you and I will drop you an email as soon as it goes live... And yes, I did say paperback... a real Brocante Book you can pop on to your bedside[...]


Create A Housekeeping Routine…

  Welcome to my latest 30 Day Email Course - one tiny little email everyday to help you create a domestic routine that works for you and your family... For we cannot begin to live a life less ordinary if we are hampered daily by the flotsam and jetsam of a chaotic domestic routine and so in this plan I am going to work with you to create a routine that will mean the keeping[...]


What’s New At BrocanteHome?

  Spring is trying to spring and as is my pattern as the season changes, I am the proverbial busy bee, flitting here and buzzing about there and it struck me that all my flitting might all be futile if you cannot keep up with my fluttering: and so I hereby present a new, weekly round-up of all that I have been and will be creating around the interwebs... At BrocanteHome A few[...]


Ummm… Could You Rewind That Please?

"I knew who I was this morning. But I've changed a lot since then." Alice. Our very own wonderland, the internet, is a bewitching, bewildering bothersome place if ever there was one, and  I fall down the rabbit hole daily, drinking in its madness and nibbling at all the little delicious nuggets I trip over and swallow whole. And sometimes choke on. Sometimes I feel out of place. Too bi[...]