My Fifteenth Year Anniversary – Part Two

  So where were we? I know... in my last anniversary post we established that I am not a six-figure blogger. That I am a fussy madam who has held herself back with a dose of the pedantics so persuasive it is a wonder Brocantehome exists at all. That I will not compromise my ideals, nor dilute my message by littering the site with flashing, blinking adverts nor disguise adv[...]


My Fifteenth Year Anniversary – Part One

  On the 17th November, BrocanteHome will enter her fifteenth year online. I know! I am as astonished as you. Though this site has been the one and only mainstay of my life beyond my son, that I should have been able to commit a little bit more of my life to these pages for all these years strikes me as a true blessing. How lucky I have been! How lucky I still am. Bloggi[...]


The Festive House

  To my surprise I've got a little treat for you today: The Festive House is now available in the Kindle Store for you to sit down and enjoy with an early mince pie and a cozy-covered pot of tea. I wasn't expecting it to go live quite as early as it has, so I'm thrilled to be able to offer it to you today. It follows the same little format as all the other books in my Season[...]


Announcing The Puttery Treats Club!

  As you know, before I took my August break, I promised you that I would have a little surprise for you when I returned, and though it always takes me an age to get back into the swing of things in September, I am finally ready to announce the opening of The Puttery Treats Club! The Puttery Treats Club takes us right back to the  essence of vintage housekeeping in the very[...]


Till September…

Hello my Lovely. Over the past few years I have taken August off Brocantehome in order to be a little more present for my family during the Summer holiday and to reset and clean up my routines and rituals in my newly printed Housekeeper's Planner ready for a new season,  and this year will be no different.  So for the next five weeks I will be slowing down my days. Enjoying the bliss[...]