Waking Up In Winter

  Some books are like conversations with long-lost friends. And so it was with Waking Up in Winter by Cheryl Richardson, a diary of middle-aged vulnerability, grief, doubt and joy. A peek into what it is to question everything: who you are, what you meant for, your most meaningful relationship, and your place in a world that has come to depend upon your voice, when you no longe[...]


The Sophie Sayers Mysteries…

Right now my lovely landlady is showing our house to an estate agent and I am trying to blend in to the laminate floor while simultaneously channeling my terribly well-concealed distress into talking to you precious people . Because you my Darlings are my opium. The hug I need when I feel like stamping my feet... In other efforts to pretend the world hasn't turned upside down and we[...]


Woman and Her Wits

And the award for most fabulous book cover today goes to the author of "Woman and Her Wits": one G.F. Monkshood, who has collated an extensive list of not quite politically correct "epigrams of woman, love and beauty" containing such delightful gems as "I have seen many instances of women running to waste and self-neglect, and disappearing gradually from the earth, almost as if they ha[...]


The Housekeeper

The Housekeeper by Suellen Dainty

Often when I read a book, I want not only to experience the slings and arrows of the story, but to lose myself in a world as vividly drawn as my own. A place I step in to and do not want to leave. And so it was with The Housekeeper by Suellen Dainty. In The Housekeeper we meet Anne, a woman broken by a relationship, who has in its destruction lost not only the man, but her career as[...]



  I haven't got much to say today, because I am VERY BUSY reading magazines. Oh yes. I have discovered Readly, the Netflix of magazines and now there is no going back. Laundry will be left to muster and the frizz that is my hair, left to do it's very own thing. For here is an app that gives me access to over 1500 magazines on my tablet, computer and Kindle Fire. Magazines like Moll[...]