Simple Abundance: 365 Days to a Balanced and Joyful Life

It's here! Today is the day. In fact honestly? I would skip BrocanteHome today, pop your shoes on and get thee to the bookshop or click here (aff) and get thy bottom over to Amazon to press please deliver to me RIGHT NOW (they have a button like that don't they??), for twenty five years later, Sarah Ban Breathnach has swept through the pages of Simple Abundance and refined it for every wo[...]


Domestic Situation

Domestic Situation Maybe you’ve heard about this. Maybe not.A man came home and chucked his girlfriend’s catIn the wood chipper. This really happened.Dinner wasn’t ready on time. A lotOf other little things went wrong. He spatOn her father, who came out when he learnedAbout it. He also broke her pinky,Stole her checks, and got her sister pregnant.But she stood by him, stood stron[...]

Puttery Treats + Pretty Things

Pretty Book Covers

Now then m'dears, you may or may not have noticed that my existing set of Kindle books have got pretty new covers, in order to create a vintage patchwork of titles I hope will look adorable on your bookshelves as soon as I get around to creating paperback versions... The plan was to create a cohesive collection of my legacy titles, before my new batch of books are published lat[...]


The Girls

I received the most gorgeous collection of birthday gifts from all my lovely people: from the Penhaligon Scent Library, to business books, (I do love a good business book!), this little book of cosy joy, a rather divine box of Rituals tea, flowers, crystals, a necklace, violet cremes (of course) and the loveliest, personalised box of 365 date night suggestions from Ste. I was in s[...]


The Fragrant Minute – House and Home

"Who built this house?" "'Twas I," said Man. "My brain conceived the perfect plan. My muscles worked with wood and stone". Then, asked The Spirit, "You alone?" "Yes I," said Man, and smiled with pride. "Its joists are strong: its beams are wide; its windows face the south - tis best; its walls have stood keen Winter's test; its furniture is solid, good; of English oak, well-season[...]