Today At the Pumpkin Hunt

Pumpkins and sunflowers on the roadside along the way...The most perfect twig fence surrounding the caretakers cottage at Rufford Old Hall...Autumn ...Beautiful, beautiful Autumn...  Mum spots a pumpkin called Sabrina.....And another called The Wicked Witch of the West... The Old Hall...And two little boys refusing to pose for the camera.[...]


Fairy Tales

Every evening after the gentle trauma of trying to teach Finley to read with the muddily business that is phonics, I bath him, dress him in flannel pyjamas, and we get snuggled up in his dimly lit cosy bedroom to begin all over again the process of reminding him why books are fun. At the moment we are reading a mammoth sized book of traditional fairytales and oh heavens what an education[...]


Rough House Rosie

There is a bit of me loathe to tell this story mostly based on the premise that my dear Daddy suspects I get myself into these kind of scrapes merely to give myself something to write about here... If only that were true Daddy. If only that were true. But it isn't. The fact is that I am currently sporting a black eye, bruised head and hideously split lip because I spend far too much time[...]


Keeping Up With Mrs Jones

I wish I wasn't so rubbish at it, but I am. While nonsensical Mummy talk seems to come naturally to many of the other Mums at the school gate I stand feeling puddled, not really caring about the organic quota of the school dinners (Just tell me he ate something!) or whether my son managed to put ears on his self portrait (and what this says about both his psyche and potential as future p[...]


No, I Haven’t Been Burgled.

  Blimey O'Reilly if any woman is capable of being the cause of her own bother,  tis I, my Darling Housekeepers. Yesterday was the epitome of all that is lovely in the life of a single yummy mummy. Estranged man who woulda been my husband took Finley and his cousin Gabriel for a quick cavort around the Botanic Gardens to say hello to the local parrots while I took off my pinny an[...]