No, I Haven’t Been Burgled.

  Blimey O'Reilly if any woman is capable of being the cause of her own bother,  tis I, my Darling Housekeepers. Yesterday was the epitome of all that is lovely in the life of a single yummy mummy. Estranged man who woulda been my husband took Finley and his cousin Gabriel for a quick cavort around the Botanic Gardens to say hello to the local parrots while I took off my pinny an[...]


Tuesday Morning.

  Well plainly I know you can't call eight o'clock Tuesday night, Tuesday morning, but I'm in a terrible mood and it won't do you any favours to argue with me... I've got a stinking cold, sick of January disease and a stalker. Lucky old me. You know things are bad when I start talking about laundry a lot. When you ring me up and all I can say is that I've done another batch of ir[...]


Merlot Soaked Rituals.

Well in the manner of all Mothers, mine is prone to blowing things out of proportion. If I allow  Finley to go up the stairs all by himself he will, of course, fall  down and break his neck.  If I decide on a whim to drive out of the zone marked safe on my Mum's internal map (within ten miles of her house), I am being "bloody ridiculous".   If I contemplate going[...]


Tears for Fears.

Oh my dear lovely friends I hardly know where to begin. I have hesitated to write this because it seems to me that once you have committed something to paper  then it becomes  true, and more than anything else I  do not want  what I am about to  tell  you to be true. Nine days ago,  Mark packed his things into three bin bags and moved to his Dads. He has left us. Not because[...]