Get Up and Gone

I think you might have guessed that the black dog is here again. She might be wearing a fancy paisley printed bandanna and guard me with all she has got, but yes, she is here and at the end of a torrid few months I can feel myself being yanked towards malaise, no matter how very hard I am trying to pull her back... Over the years at BrocanteHome you will have marked her comings and[...]


The Tee-Total Housewife

Once upon a time, I was deeply in love with red wine. The kind of truly, madly deeply, cannot wait until wine o'clock to switch my brain off kind of love that might have spoken of future addiction but thankfully, never got out of hand. But oh how I loved it. My body yearned for it in the same way that it still yearns for the first sip of warm tea in the morning. The cup of coffee I[...]


The Soul Polishing Sessions

    I am tired today. Bone tired. Everything hurts and my brain is foggy. I have been trying to work. I love my work here, feel so blessed to have the privilege to share my thoughts with you. But sometimes when I sit down to create something that will make your life less ordinary, I find that my head is empty and my Muse has gone on holiday. She's rude like that. Jus[...]


In The Midst of Thinking.

And just as I said: I have been thinking. And it has be an odd, somewhat revalatory, somewhat disturbing process. Not what I imagined. For it seems I am not a person given to truly thinking at all and that when I do the thoughts only have to be formally invited to come dashing in and stomp all over my serenity. I have thought with a pen in my hand. Sitting in a coffee shop across th[...]


Welcome Home…

    Well now I have polished the child, packed him off to school, spick and span, wiped away the dust of the Summer from every surface in the house, mowed the lawn into Autumnal oblivion and of course, bought myself a new pencil case and plucked my chin hair because I am a woman of a certain age and it seems, a rather becoming beard goes with the territory - because - o[...]