The Facebook Conundrum

Realisation rarely happens in a flash. No, more often it is a creeping thing. A sense of discomfort we choose to ignore. A weight we barely notice we are carrying, until we come to understand that we can take it off: that very little in this life is non-negotiable. Least of all the modern day burden that is social media. It has been so oft talked about in the media recently that it is[...]


Drastic Action + A Time For Change

I did something drastic today. Well perhaps that's a bit of an exaggeration: I didn't shave my hair off, or pack my life into a tartan suitcase and leave home. I archived ALL my Instagram posts. No biggie, right? But it felt drastic. As if I was turning my back on all that I was. Which is of course ridiculous, because I still am. (Aren't I?) With or without my own little museum of my form[...]


Tears Over Iced Olives

I spent yesterday in emotional crisis talks. Long conversations and a bit of spontaneous weeping over perfect green olives in Jamie Oliver's. For I am tired. More tired than I can explain. I am tired and worried and worried and tired and honestly it makes for quite an exhausting combination. At the heart of my discontent is I suppose I kind of existential crisis. A sense of what is[...]


Housekeeper’s Diary

There are days when gratitude is all that matters. Not for that for which you can count, or for an abundance of material things, but for kind words, virtual hugs and a shoulder to lean on at the end of the day. For the cushions that prop me up as I type, cosy under blankets, sipping at hot lemonade to chase away the niggle of a cold. For geranium hand cream, Jan Struther stories, a[...]


Get Up and Gone

I think you might have guessed that the black dog is here again. She might be wearing a fancy paisley printed bandanna and guard me with all she has got, but yes, she is here and at the end of a torrid few months I can feel myself being yanked towards malaise, no matter how very hard I am trying to pull her back... Over the years at BrocanteHome you will have marked her comings and[...]