The Busy Bee

I have been a busy little bee, here behind my rose-sprinkled curtains. Making plans and talking to those who have offered to help me in the aftermath of all my recent kerfuffles. For though accepting help does not come easily to me, I now see how utterly ludicrous it is to try to manage this, that and all the social media that goes with it, alone. How stubborn I was being refusing help so[...]


Fallow Season

You have astonished me with your kindness. Your patience. Your loyalty. And above all the gentle advice so many of you have dropped into my inbox. Advice I have been mulling over, turning this way and that and threading into the tapestry of my tomorrows. How lucky I am to have so much wisdom at my disposal. One of the images on my cream vision board says "Surround yourself with strong[...]

Puttery Treats + Pretty Things

Anne and I: A Month On

And so a month has gone by. A month that began with arms full of hope and ended with the horror of the man I love hurting himself in the dead of night. (I need you to read between the lines here. To read it but not speak of it, nor question its specifics.) “Anne, I don't want to live. . . . Now listen, life is lovely, but I Can't Live It. I can't even explain. I know how sill[...]


The Curse of the Perfectionist

Hmm. Two conversations. Both with men. Not necessarily rational themselves but at least willing to offer opinion where it has almost certainly not been invited. The first with Ste. One coffee in to our morning ritual of two cups of tea and two cups of coffee over the couple of hours we spend together before the day starts on a feast of caffeine and discussion about the state of the nat[...]


Uncomfortable Spaces

One of the things I have become most aware of recently is how very willing I have been to exist in uncomfortable spaces, merely in order to maintain the status quo. To not upset the apple cart, nor to seem more erratic, or eccentric than those who know me already understand me to be. This is I think about a denial of intuition. And more, too much pride in my ability to be resilient. Re[...]