Housekeeper’s Diary

My washing machine heard a rumour, just before Christmas, that washing machines of its ilk were setting themselves on fire and so being an obedient little thing, she duly did as she was told and two days after the machines were recalled she started to smoulder, apparently in sheer worry about being left out of the fire-starting posse. #FOMO And so I find myself knee deep in laundry bec[...]


An Imperfect Christmas

Oh December, you really have been the most obstructive of Mistresses! Between the engine going kaput in the car, the miserable black fingers of rising damp crawling through the living room walls, the drama of insisting a reluctant sixteen year old revise for mock GCSE exams unhelpfully stuffed into no time at all just before Christmas, the most preposterous of mean-spirited arguments with[...]

Puttery Treats + Pretty Things

An Interview With Sarah Ban Breathnach

Sarah Ban Breathnach Courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe

Sarah Ban Breathnach Courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe To have the joy of reading a revised edition of Simple Abundance for the women we are today was, for me, enough to bring a deep sense of pleasure to the end of 2019, but to be invited to ask Sarah Ban Breathnach all the questions I had as I devoured the new book, the kind of honour I could only have imagined when I sat down to create Br[...]


The Life Audit

It's been ever such a long time since I did a public Life Audit (though it remains a mainstay of my private journaling practise). And so here it is, same format as always with a freshly designed printable audit for my lovely VIP and Salon members here, so you too can hold a thorough examination of all that you are right now... Today I am… Escaping the house because we have had a[...]


The Jumble Bag

Once upon a time it was commonplace around these parts to keep a bag at hand in which all those things destined for the church "jumble-sale" would be stored until the church roof fell in again and funds need to be raised from the delightful practice of filling the hall with pasting tables and setting up stalls for everything from clothes piled high, to children's toys and my favourite as[...]