I know. I’m supposed to be here regaling you with tenting tales and camping crises, but I’m so pre-menstrual it is almost laughable so do humour me while I drip feed myself molten chocolate and indulge my love of shoes won’t you?

You see I nearly did a (bloated!) cartwheel when I saw this pair of pretties ♥… for there in shoe form is the essence of Brocantehome: my beloved red polka dots and a sprinkling of happy fat roses, rather perfect me thinks for peeking out underneath my wedding dress, mais non?

Mais oui. Though please be aware that though the man practically dragged me into the jewellers the other day when I said I really rather liked a certain little cluster of half price diamonds, he STILL hasn’t delivered the much talked about proposal and I think you will agree that buying the ring before a person has asked a person to marry them would be rather akin to putting the cart before the horse. Even if the cart is something of a twinkly bargain…

Who needs diamonds? Please let it be known I’d be delighted with a wardrobe full of eccentric shoes from the darling stables of Irregular Choice