The fact that it is it is now necessary for me to blog full time from my (albeit cosy) bed is, I think you will agree, nowt short of ridiculous.

It isn’t as if I have got no bones in my legs, nor have I been struck down by a hideous disease. No Siree. I am confined to sleeping quarters because there are too many trees outside my house.

Oh yes. That is my broadband providers excuse for my poor connection. The view is just too nice. And thus the only place I have a connection in the entire house is right here in bed.

So do come gather round. See how I balance my tea on a plate and have myself comfortably equipped with a pretty tin of shortbread. Notice how I have at hand, the essentials of life in bed: namely a mobile phone, a copy of Australian Vogue Living (Where, oh where, oh where is the British Edition??) and a picture of Matthew McConaughey. Feel free to bring me grapes.   

Happiness you see is relative. And the fact that I am probably developing bed sores as we speak is something I am trying not to dwell on.

A person can get used to all manner of discomfort in the pursuit of a pretty blog.

Y’all have a nice day now.