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On the Ever-Evolving Garden of Friendship
Friendships in womanhood are built around real life and identity. So when they end, the aftertaste is bitter and wanting.
Finding a way to keep my mother’s memory alive in my garden
In death as in life, she would be surrounded by nature’s bounty. By Megan Hanlon
Mindful Eating: Everything You Need to Know + How to Practice It
Mindful eating encourages us to slow down and fully experience our food each time we eat. Here’s what it is and how to effectively practice it.
On Manifesting: It’s Not That You Don’t Want It Enough. It’s That Your Habits Suck! - Gala Darling
When it comes to manifesting… It’s not that you don’t want it enough. It’s that your habits suck. Because remember: manifesting is CO-CREATING with the universe. Which means… You still have to do the work on the material plane! One of the reasons why we don’t get the things we want is that we don’t …
Kara Rosenlund - These Days at Home
These new days at home are the most heart-bursting days I have ever known. Brimming with love and raw emotion. We have a new baby and a new home, and in ways this means as a family we have a new life. I wanted to share what these days look and feel like with you. This is not my typical house tour,…
May Sarton on the Cure for Despair and Why Solitude Is the Seedbed of Self-Discovery
“Sometimes one has simply to endure a period of depression for what it may hold of illumination if one can live through it, attentive to what it exposes or demands.”


Liam Charles recipe for breakfast berry smoothie popsicles | The sweet spot
Recipes don’t come much easier than these smoothie ice lollies. Children will love to get involved, plus they’re a great way to sneak some of the good stuff into them, too
Garlic Confit - PaleOMG
If you’re thinking to yourself, “What the hell would I ever use garlic confit for?” well that makes me feel like you haven’t been here very long and you haven’t built up trust with me. And that’s a shame. But with any relationship, trust has to be earned. And I feel like I’ll be able …<p class=“read…
Quick Pickled Red Onions | Love and Olive Oil
This recipe will fill one pint-sized mason jar, but can easily be scaled up depending on how many onions you have. The seasoning is very basic, feel free to mix it up with other flavors like garlic, chili or mustard seed.
Honey Lavender Cupcakes - Caked by Katie
A small batch recipe for fluffy Honey Lavender Cupcakes. Nauturally sweetened with honey and paired with a whipped honey lavender frosting.


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