It has been the oddest few days. Finley has been quite ill with a rather alarming case of FatFace and I have been torn between trying to keep us in food via BrocanteHome and pampering the heck out of a little boy dosed up to his eyeballs to relieve the pain. In the meantime Spring has sprung, without I think, giving me due warning: for if I’m not a women possessed by the urge to SCRUB then I don’t know what I am!
The problem with Spring is that one day the sun wakes up and decides to put her hat on, and the grime that Winter has been kind enough to hide from us, is suddenly revealed in all it’s greasy, dusty, glory. Spring. She is the cruelest Mistress!

Ordinarily the very first glimmer of sun has me screeching SEASONAL SCRUB and insisting that every Housekeeper in the land pulls on her rubber gloves and gets busy with a bucket full of lemon scented vinegar water.  But having a child permanently sprawled across my lap makes climbing step-ladders to brush cobwebby ceilings awfully difficult don’t you know, so yesterday I indulged my pressing urge for order and calm by spring-cleaning my browser: a little something I could manage in-between making bite sized toasties and force-feeding Finn with a super strong anti-biotic.

For as long as I can remember I have used the Cath Kidston theme available in the Chrome Store. Thus my virtual workplace was a riot of lovely, floral, cherry red joy and I did my best to make sure that everything from my Gmail to WordPress and all the apps I use to keep BrocanteHome in relative order (!), matched, so that my oh so delicate senses were not jarred from one tab to the next. Hell yes. That’s how much of an old fusspot I am. Anyways. There I was yesterday: desperate for change and so for wont of entertainment, I found myself browsing around the Chrome Store in search of something that tickled my fancy and suddenly my whole world went from Cath Kidston red to the darling delphinium blue of Royal Delft. Blue! For me. She who believes blue to be the colour of the devil, and raisins and Miley Cyrus and other things too horrible to contemplate.

Yes. For as long as I can remember I have had a deep-rooted aversion to blue. It is unreasonable. I avoid blue clothes and blue wallpaper. I won’t eat blue smarties (I will). I even avoid blogs with blue wallpaper. This is clearly prejudice of the most ludicrous kind and frankly it’s a good job people don’t come in blue. I have never even believed in the psychology of color when it comes to blue matters. Blue is associated with lower blood pressure, calm and serenity and will make me more productive in the armchair I call my work place? Bah!

Until today. Today I sat down in front of my computer while a much recovered Finley bounced off the walls, and suddenly found within the walls of my virtual office, an oasis of peace and blue tranquility. My Gmail is blue. My Chrome is blue. My Highrise is blue. And I’m not! I’m serene. A state of affairs that is frankly unprecedented.

So the moral of this rather long-winded tale? Blue is rather lovely, prejudice is pointless and there is always, always, always time to bring a little refreshing change, order and calm to a corner of your world. Even when you aren’t wearing an apron.

Shall we scrub next week m’dears?