Have your children join in the fun on baking day! It is such a wonderful way to spend some quality time together and a great way for them to learn a few “real life” skills. Whether they are cracking an egg, pouring the sugar, or mixing in the chocolate chips, your child will feel proud that they are helping mommy bake something delicious. And who knows, they may even turn out to be a true little helper!

In the above pictures, my 3-year-old son Diego is helping me bake some deliciously chewy bars of yellow cake with Snickers pieces. It amazes me to see what he is capable of and I feel inspired to foster his creativity and curiosity with activities such as these. I had so much fun baking with my little Diego, and can’t wait for my younger boys to join in as well. I hope that they will be better off for it some day, even if it is just to know that Mami loves them.