Well it has taken an absolute age to get here but if you want to really kick-start your scrumptious little blog, then my friends I have the answer: my gorgeous new BLOGGING PLANNER!

Sixty five pages full of tools, maps, charts and planning pages to help you create a blog less ordinary, monitor the muddly business that is your social networking efforts, track the impact of your best posts, organise your categories, keep up with affiliate payments and lot’s, lot’s more besides!

You see it’s all very well using a million different on-line apps to track this and follow that, but occasionally I just like to make myself a cup of tea, and sit down with my Blogging Planner in hand to see just how well BrocanteHome is doing. I’ve been doing it like this for years and there is much that is scrumptiously gratifying about being able to hold my entire business inside one pretty little pink folder!

While not all of us make a living from our blogs (tis utterly lovely though to be living my dream!), it struck me that almost everybody could benefit from using my Blogging Planner, if only to make the daily process of blogging that little bit simpler and so though it has taken gargantuan effort I have finally pulled together all the scrumptiously easy to use forms I use, prettied them up so they are fit for your discerning eye, and am now delighted to offer them to you in one fabulous download that will I hope transform your blogging day and help you see the potential in your very own.

Trust me there is NOTHING else like this available on the internet today and I know because I have searched high and low!

So what’s included in the Blogging Planner?

Blogging For Girls – The Rules!
Bloggers Mission Statement
Blog Plans 2011-2012
My Target Audience
Blog Information Sheet
Blog Page Map
Blog Category Map
Blog Vision Board
Editorial Calendar (April 2011-April 2012)
Daily Work Planner
Weekly Blog Overview
Weekly Blog Planner
Daily Theme and Meme Tracker
Advertising Planner
Site Advertising Planner
Monthly Advertising Bookings
Pillar Post Promotions Planner
Post Series Planner
Newsletter Record
My Guest Posts
Guest Posts On My Blog
Blogging Statistics
Social Networking Statistics
Membership Subscription Record
Membership Payment Record
Sales Record
Paypal Payment Transfer Record
Monthly Income Sheet
Income and Expenditure Sheet
Blog Related Off-Line Purchases
Affiliate Membership Program Tracker
Affiliate Payment Receipt Log
Professional Learning Log
My Blog Affiliates
Quarterly Affiliate Payment Trackers
Gorgeous Reader Record
Professional Contacts Record
Give-Away/Competition Record
Competition Winners Record
Supporting Applications Map
Supporting Applications Log In Details
Blog Plug-In Tracker
Lovely Blog Comparison Chart
Current Theme Details
Theme Change Record
Professional Plug-In and Theme Purchase Record
Bloggers Goodbye Plans
Cover sheet and Back Page

This is huge Housekeepers! It really is the most comprehensive blogging planner on-line and you can download each page as and when you need it as your blog progresses without being overwhelmed by difficult or scary jargon!Or feeling utterly exhausted by complicated forms or on-line apps.

No more guessing what colour your background is when it’s right there in your planner! No more searching for give-away winners addresses, all your reader addresses in one place so you send pretty little scrumptious thank-you’s as and when you need them and best of all, at a glance information about your blogs performance and annual income!

Is there anything better than sitting down with a new planner? Isn’t it wonderful to feel organized??

Click here to buy the Blogging Planner today for the  launch price of just $40.00.

Or pay by installment plan. Just commit to paying $10.00 every month for four months and the planner is yours today.

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Blogging could be the dream you always suspected it should be!