Hello Gorgeous! Are you feeling Christmassy yet? Well today I want to start the first in a short series gathering together my favorite festive pins and creating from them a scrumptious little list of festive puttery treats. Does that sound like a plan?
Good… So let’s get going! You can find all my festive puttery pins on this board and I would love to have you follow me there…

* First up: votives strung with ribbon from a log wedged across your window as in the lovely, evocative image from House To Home. Something I do at the kitchen window every year with a collection of mercury silver baubles on gingham ribbon.

* Now the simplest, prettiest of tree ornaments fashioned from old paper, a crocheted doillie and a vintage button. Find instructions over at Beautiful Nest

* Tie simple bows around clutches of holly on  every do for a little nod to Christmas on bedroom doors, like this lovely green velvet bow on Christmas In the City.

* Re-invent ugly baubles by  decoupaging them with scraps of vintage paper and giving them a final sprinkle of white glitter as they have done here on Flea MArket style

* Remember to have tiny trees as well as your main one. Even branches stood in large jars can bring a little seasonal magic to a Christmassy corner like this one from Country Life in Norregard.

* Fashion yourself a darling little string snowman for your craft room like this one from Stipje

* Fill a glass jar with old baubles and beads like this one from Very Merry Vintage style

* Mix up a big batch of Christmas Kitchen Sink cookies to serve as home from school treats throughout December…

* And finally for today, a quick and easy tutorial showing you how to distress new ornaments into beautiful tarnished submission with nothing but nail varnish remover…

Happy December Housekeepers. Keep pinning!