Well I’ve got to tell you that  at first I wasn’t happy. Biscuits shaped like little hammers? I don’t think so. Obviously made for chubby bricklayers with dirty white vests and a penchant for the orangest, strongest brew they can make with six teabags and ten sugars. Biscuits in a shape they understand.

But readers I was wrong. This is biscuit engineering at it’s cleverest.  Dunk the left hand side of the hammer and eat. Dunk the right  side and so  on and so forth.  This like the the tea it is made to accompany, is a testimony to the sheer sense of the good Yorkshire people.
A biscuit that doesn’t fall apart! In a shape you can dunk! With the slightest hint of spicy something and a gentle hint of Yorkshire tea…

I’m quite delirious with excitement. I do so like a good biscuit. As I think my hips will testify.

My morning elevenses are an orange coloured dream. And should word get out every builder in the district will be beating a path to my door.  Which is wonderful because I do so like a nice builder.

As the trollop in me will testify.