Wordless Tuesday

Well yes. I do know that Wordless Tuesday is not a thing, but give a woman a break won't you?? It has been a heck of a busy week and I'm not quite sure I have got the energy to think up anything snazzier, nor indeed string a sensible sentence together, so Wordless Tuesday it is: a collection of moments from the past few weeks that I do not want to forget. P.S: There may be some words involved. I am simply incapable of shutting up. Oooh and there is likely to be a range of funny faces pulled by my son. I do apologise. So first up: a double selfie. With dog. Hell yeah: I said selfie on BrocanteHome. I'm down with the kids.

image (10)

My gorgeous cousin Liz got married. She walked down the aisle to the Star Wars Death March because her and husband Tom allowed their darling little girl Molly to choose the music for the wedding. Wonderful.

image (9)

My beautiful Mum and Finn at the wedding. Despite his expression he was having a wonderful time, but sadly his face turns to stone whenever he is faced by Mummy with a camera and a request to smile. Damn him!

image (7)

Today he caused all kind of commotions at the Formby Red Squirrel Park by insisting he was stuck up a tree. A tree that was no more than about three feet off the ground. Never say mine is not a boy abundant with derring do.

image (11)

And finally Alfie. This is the love affair of my life. I love him and he loves me. We are bezzies. I like him more than cake. And I do not think I have uttered that sentence for ever such a long time.