We Are All Mad Here

All of a sudden it was Spring and the world seemed full of hope. This then was the weekend Alice came to stay. Although we were expecting a little kitten called Storm, in an unexpected turn of events, Alice, a tiny little eight week old bundle of muddly fun was bestowed upon us and took up residence in my apron pocket, popping her head up only to squeak in protest should I dare to fling back the stable door and let a little sunshine into all our lives.

Ad we were all smiling. And though this is a baby is ever there was one, and we have to take it in turns to hand feed her slithers of chicken and persuade her to use the litter tray, once again there is the jingle of a little kitten bell jangling around our house and order has been delightfully restored.

In the garden my camelia has burst into pretty, pink life and the decking has been re-stained. Work has started on a teeny coal bunker style little shed with a  sloped and tiled roof and it felt so good to be able to get outside into our little postage stamp and putter for a while, before gathering under the warmth of the patio heater to plant a pot of rosemary to remember our little Jimmy by.

This was a quiet weekend. For once I had Finley all to myself for the weekend and as he would rather hang out in our living room than be anywhere else in the world, we played another round of Game of Life and ate roast chicken and ginger cake still warm from the oven and ignored the mess in the house for it was National No-Housework Day and concentrated instead on the business of being together and making the newest member of our little family feel cossetted and as welcome as can be.

For like the advent of Spring she is so very welcome, and though we are all mad here, with a name like Alice I am sure she will fit right in.