Twice Vintage Originals.


Sometimes you happen across the most scrumptious of little companies with great philosophies and yummy taste in all things vintage and wonderful...

Take Twice. The introduction on the website describes it thus...

Sourcing vintage and antique fabrics and china from around the world, Twice creates Vintage Originals in our own unique version of recycling.   Mixing vintage with new, we create everything from aprons to candles to luxury leather bags, each with its own little piece of history.

Every Twice design is available in a number of different original vintage fabrics or china - all being used Twice! The finishing touch is that each item is labelled with details of where and when the fabric or china was made - so anyone receiving a present from Twice this Christmas will know just how special it is.  Once a particular edition is gone, it's gone - so if you see one you or someone you know will love, catch it while you can.

And the range of products is truly lovely with the gorgeous sewing rolls being the star attraction.

But better than just a scrumptious shop, is a scrumptious blog to go with it and Twice owner Caroline, is a story teller keen to record the providence of her vintage finds and the story behind her business...

Like many new businesses, Twice came about through circumstance. In the summer of 2003 we moved with our children from London to an old family house in Scotland. After we moved I discovered a wealth of old fabrics and blankets squirrelled away in the cupboards of our new home. With no heating in the childrens' bedrooms, I hit on the idea of using some of the old blankets to make hot water bottle covers for each of them.

By the end of 2004 I had started an antiques business and, as the hotty covers were made from vintage blanket, I made more and sold them alongside the furniture and china. They got a wonderful response and, encouraged by this, I started to design new products to extend the range. By the autumn of 2005, I was selling over ten different designs, all made up locally in vintage fabrics sourced from far and wide. Since then, the antiques business has gone by the wayside as the Twice range has taken over and I now work with a fantastic team of people across Scotland developing the designs.

In this age of mass-production, many people prefer to own things that reflect their individuality. That thought is at the heart of Twice - we use genuine vintage items, from china to blankets and fabrics, and team them with new materials to create items that are useful in a modern context but which, because of their provenance, are all individual and original. Each edition of each of the designs is limited - we can only make as many as the vintage content allows. We can't repeat any of the fabrics or china that we use, so we make sure that we are putting it together with the best materials we can find to create the Twice range - pure natural soy wax for our candles, 100% natural linen for bags and cushions, the finest Scottish deerskin for our tote bags.