Trello For Housekeeper's Is Here For All!

  Eeeekkkk! Seriously, I could crush a grape, I'm that excited to be able to announce the launch of my lovely (if I do say so myself!) Trello for Housekeeper's System.

You see I want you to get the muddle that is keeping house out of your head and in to the devices I know you are using daily: your blessed, beloved mobile phone, your iPad and your laptop. I want you to be able to switch on whichever is closest to hand and know in a heartbeat what you should be cooking for dinner, what ingredients you need to buy, whether it's non-uniform day at your little one's school tomorrow, which yoga routine helps you sleep the drowsiest, loveliest sleep, and which housekeeping routine you have allocated to any given day of the week.

There is nothing quite like this on the internet!

I want you to be able to switch meal plans at the hint of an invitation to eat out instead, to know exactly when the kids are breaking up for the Summer holidays (and how the heckity pie you are going to entertain them!), to have portable reminders to practice extreme self-care with you at all times, to know who bought what for Christmas so you never find yourself re-gifting that little something right back to the original recipient (the shame), to carry all the Brocante downloads you own in your pocket and to know your account number for your insurance policy the very second that you need it.

All In One App!

Not fifty-three apps for this, that and the other, but one beautifully designed app to slay them all!

With Trello for Housekeepers you run your entire domestic life from inside one easy to use app and you will be utterly blown away by its potential to organize every, last aspect of your daily routines, rituals and celebrations...

Want to learn more?

Then allow me to show your around. (But do forgive the Liverpool accent and the rather abrupt ending to this video won't you? Technology and I are yet to become the best of buddies...)

[video width="1364" height="746" mp4="" poster=""][/video]

What happens when I sign up?

Good question! When you sign up you will find yourself in my lovely School of Life and immediately after purchase you will be taken straight over to your very own School of Life Library, where you will discover access to the Trello for Housekeepers System.

The system starts with an introduction to Trello itself so you can get to grips with using this easy-peasy app. Then you will find the first four "boards" including "Housekeepers Central" - a routines and rituals board (including description of MY routines and rituals that YOU can use for inspiration), then the Meal Planning Board, so you can plan a months worth of evening meals, a Recipe Board to be used in conjunction with the Meal Planning Board, and finally a Shopping List Board with lists for every type of shopping from the Farmers Market, to the chemist, the shoe shop, the book shop and every shop inbetween.

Thereafter you will get automatic access to one new board each and every week until the system is complete. I have structured it this way so that you have time to adapt to the app itself, work out your own routines and rituals and then slowly but surely work through organizing each and every aspect of your domestic life without getting overwhelmed...

The best part?

Trello for Housekeepers is GORGEOUS. I have worked hard to make it as pretty as possible because if you are anything like me, the pretty MATTERS and I am so very shallow that I am much more likely to commit to an app if it is both aesthetically pleasing AND reflects my lifestyle. And Trello for Housekeepers really does reflect every aspect of my lifestyle: from the puttery treats I love, to the Miracle Morning Routine I adore, and while you are welcome to use my lists as inspiration, the very best part of my system is that it is completely customizeable for your own way of life...

Ready to get organised?

Click here to buy Trello for Housekeepers today, then prepare a little tray of nibbles, sit down with your iPad, laptop and phone and get busy changing your life! 

P.S: Don't forget that if you are a member of the Salon, Trello for Housekeepers is completely FREE and if you are a member of the Living Room, you are entitled to an instant 25% off the full price with your discount code!x 

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