The Wedding Pic's.


Oh Gosh, I am sorry to say that I still resemble death warmed up. And not even FairyCakeGirls wicked combination of Irn Brew and Monster Munch has done the trick: so I have sent a rescue party out for McDonalds. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

And so dear Housekeepers I will have to love you and leave you until tomorrow. While I am absolutely certain that inviting you to browse around the pic's of the wedding here is the online equivalent of boring a stranger on the bus with my holiday pic's, please feel free to stare in wonder at just how many photographs Mark and I took of ourselves at the expense of taking those of the beautiful bride, Sue;  laugh your socks off at my truly awful photography, and recoil in horror as you realise that we have three more weddings to attend before the year is out, and I have no intention of sparing you every last detail of the drunken shenanigans at each ...