The Vintage HouseKeepers Planner.


Are you ready to create your planner? To start the  New Year with a scrumptious plan to get the housework organised, so you can make time for all the  things you  would rather be doing?

There are no rules here: simply download the planner pages and create a schedule that   is right for you. By all means allow me to guide you, but my life isn't yours and if you find you can't fit something in, do it another day, or don't do it at all. It's your house and your life.

This isn't a dictatorship...

As more downloads become available I will post them here, so keep an eye out...   

The Seasonal Scrub.

The Housekeepers Morning Routine.

The Housekeepers Evening Routine.

The Housekeepers Weekly Routine.

The Housekeepers Monthly Routine.

The Housekeepers Mission Lists.

The House of Belonging.

The Housekeepers Creed.

The Housekeepers Recipe Book.

The Housekeepers Store Cupboard.

The  Vintage Housekeepers Manifesto.