The School of Life Is Here!

Hello my loves, I am back with a vengeance and here to tell you that the brand, spanking new School of Life has gone live today with all it's lovely bells and whistles! It's not quite finished but I know how very eager my Living Room and Salon members have been to see what I was working on and so today I have decided to let you in, and hope that you will appreciate that it is a work in progress that will almost certainly make life easier here at BrocanteHome.

There comes a time in business, it seems that one either gives up, or scales up, and not being one to ever give up, scaling up was the answer. And so with significant time and financial commitment (and a lot of flustered mopping of my perpetually fuddled brow), I have created The School of Life to house all my courses, planners, membership programs and pep-talks in one oh so very easy to navigate site.

No more will you have to feel muddled about where the download your order is: it will be there, forevermore in your own School of Life library! Alongside your account details, access to all membership modules (140+ in the Salon!!), and coming soon, workbooks you can fill in right there in the School...

So what else is new?

Well not only can you manage your memberships, but you can also divide payment for any product you buy over a number of months, hopefully making my writing even more accessible to everybody, keep up with the School of Life blog where I will share updates on what's new and offer discounts and other offers, and read all about my latest releases for your Kindle.

Yep. All in one place.

I'm soooooo excited. You see the past year has been something of a calamity. And I'm truly hoping you will find everything you need quickly and easily now and I won't be pulling my hair out trying to make things work for you when technology just will not do what it should!

Do join the Living Room won't you? It is just $3.00 a month and with my lovely housekeeping system 365 now being included in your membership absolutely FREE (Full price: $15.00), it is well worth the few pennies it will cost each month and go such a long way to helping me keep BrocanteHome online for always.

Thank you as always for your patience. It is so very much appreciated. And this, dear, lovely Housekeepers, is just the beginning of The School of Life

P.S: Instructions for signing in if you an existing member are available over in The Living Room Facebook Group today. 

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