The School of Life - A Sneak Peek!

  Hello my Lovelies, I am taking a moment out of my behind-the-scenes work today to pop in here to tell you that a) I am not dead, b) I haven't forgotten about BrocanteHome and I really am beavering away back here and c) in a deeply unrelated item, but which I am keen to share regardless... I have lost TWO STONE in the past six weeks!

So umm yeah. Moment of random showing off over so lets move on. Do you want to see what I have been working on and why all else has come to a stop around these parts while I get it fixed up?

A few months ago I told you that I was moving the Salon, the Living Room and all my PDF sales on to one site: never for a moment imagining that it would take as long as it has. You guys, I have written such a lot of content over all these years and gathering it together cohesively has taken an age, but I am here today to tell you that I am getting very, very close to the launch day (when all my lovely existing subscribers will be invited inside), and to going public once I'm sure everything works!



I am building The School of Life on the NewKajabi platform which means that life for all of us will be significantly easier from here on in because you will have just ONE account for all your Brocante content and it will live happily in your very own, always accessible LIBRARY. That's all your Salon content, podcasts, links to the Living Room community and any downloads you buy separately.  ALL. IN. ONE. PLACE.


Each and every membership element or download has its own page divided into categories as shown in the image of The Living Room above and then each category has its own set of associated posts and downloads as in the image below...


Each post or element of a course or subscription can be marked as complete and then it is just a matter of clicking NEXT to move on through the rest of the content...


So how does that sound? All good, yay?! I am sooooo excited because I KNOW this is going to be so much easier for you to navigate and for me to manage and I do believe it will allow BrocanteHome to grow in 2017.

I will have more news about the timeline for the launch in the next few days and as soon I can I will let you know how your Living Room or Salon membership will be transferred over to the new platform.

Love you lots, like jelly-tots and I will see you again, very, very soon.x

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