The Q and A Journal

One of the most difficult aspects of life is that it changes us in ways we barely acknowledge from year to year so often we fail to give ourselves credit for the imperceptible shifts in attitude that shape the way we live now, or offer credence to the kind of small sadnesses that get under our skin and stay there... While journalling reveals much about who we are becoming and the bumps along the journey that brought us here, all too often we find ourselves fixated by certain topics, hide what we cannot bear to see put into words, or adopt  a tone of voice or persona in our diaries or blogs, that in effect describes only one aspect of the person we really are.

What we need in fact is a bossy journal. A journal that asks nosey questions. And keeps on asking them five years on the trot. Questions that require quick answers, with little room to elaborate or dilute our truths. Markers along the journey that is life, available to compare and contrast during one era of our lives.

The Q and A Journal from Potter Style is that rather impertinent five year diary.

A page a day topped with a simple question, easy to answer but deep enough to reveal a single truth about how you are growing as a person...

With questions as diverse as "In three words, describe your spirituality", to "What is your favourite thing to do on a Saturday morning?" and  "Is your home/apartment clean?", you can see the opportunity for prompting some deeply personal excavation and the whole business got me thinking about how we constrain ourselves to our own thought patterns and either avoid subjects that make us uncomfortable or simply fail to have them occur to us at all.

So this is your opportunity to get a little bossy with me! Ask me anything. Ask me the one question now that you have always wanted to ask me and I have somehow managed to avoid discussing on Brocante.  Be cheeky. Be curious. Be demanding. Be kind...

Ask me a question and I will answer it in a post over the next few weeks. I'm kinda excited.

And a whole lot terrified.