The Penna Keyboard

There are things in this life that I decide without which, life will not be worth living. This is partly because I am a spoilt little (big) Madam, and partly because I am a Drama Queen. Not for me the "wouldn't it be nice to haves..."  of this world.

No Siree, I am right there deciding that if something is wonderful I have to have it or else everyone I know will have to suffer the slings and arrows of my outrageous mis-fortune.

(These kind of ludicrous dramatics are why you love me right??)

So anyways I was losing an hour or six to wandering around Facebook when I happened across thePenna Keyboardand within an instant I was suffering from a bout of the got to have its so bad that I developed an earache.

It is a retro inspired, wireless, bluetooth keyboard for your iPad. It comes in beautiful colors, with old-fashioned chrome key caps. And better than that it makes typewriter noises when you type! For isn't the world a lesser place now modern keyboards are so sulkily silent? Isn't writing that much harder without the tap, tap, ding to give form to our words? And wouldn't it be downright fabulous to have a keyboard that didn't look so terribly modern in our scrumptiously vintage houses?

So yes. I want one and I want one NOW. Never mind that I don't actually own an iPad.

Yes. Never mind that particular, very minor detail

On My Wishlist...