The Love Of A Hyacinth May Be Rather Domestic.


What beautiful hyacinths! I have just learnt to love a hyacinth. Mrs Allen used to take pains, year after year, to make me like them; but I never could, till I saw them the other day in Milsom Street;"

"But now you love a hyacinth. So much the better...And though the love of a hyacinth may be rather domestic, who can tell, the sentiment once raised, but you may in time come to love a rose?... The mere habit of learning to love is the thing; and a teachableness of disposition in a young lady is a great blessing.

Northanger Abbey.

Oh Darling's, I know I've had you harassed with one delicious website after another this week, but I really must insist you visit the Jane Austen Online Magazine and devour scrumptious little articles like How To Force A Hyacinth Bulb, How To Cut A Silhouette, and Her Complexion Has No Brilliancy

Those Regency Ladies, you see, were girls after our own heart.