The Kindle Download Question

Kindle download

Just a quick question my Darlings: I have just been putting the finishing touches to House Rules and as a final test I popped it on to my Kindle fire, Finns iPad and Ste's tablet and here's the thing: it looks terrible! Almost illegible.

Which got me wondering: should my ebook delivery alter in order to reflect the new ways we all interact with PDF's and other downloads these days? A lot has changed in the ten years I have been creating downloads, so are you still printing my PDF's, or do you send them to your Kindle or open them on your iPad?

Would it be easier if I created relatively plain text downloads with simple images so they could be read like any other book? Paragraph after paragraph instead of columns? If I stopped being all fancy with my fonts and started concentrating not on the way the download looks but on how you as a reader interact with it?

I would truly value your opinion on this one, so here's my question: would you prefer a pretty download or a plain text, readable version with options to send it to your Kindle as a mobi or epub file?

If you could leave your thoughts in the comments below, I would be so very grateful...