The In-Between Days

The in-between days. A flurry of nothingness defined by drowsy mornings and bin bags full of wrapping paper. I am not quite ready to join the land of the living yet. Not ready to sit back down at my desk and document the week that has just gone by. A week of gorgeous gifts and midnight walks up and down the big hill of our little village.  And so I am offering another day up to the the Gods of Doing Nothing. To reading the books I found in my stocking, drinking Glogg and letting someone tickle my feet. Because this my Darlings, is what we think of when we think of Christmas: quiet times lit by fairy lights. Cheeseboards and truffles. The relentless litany of tidying up Santa's litter and dreaming up plans for a New Years Revolution.

I have so much to tell you. So many things to share. So much inspiration to share. But not today. Today is for doing nothing and loving every moment. Being present right here and right now and not wondering whether all the crazy sales going on are harbouring much we don't need, nor resenting the time and space the in-between days offer us to sit in silence and neither dwell on yesterday nor worry about tomorrow.

Today then is a day to sit and look around us at all the pretties we nearly killed ourselves creating only a few weeks ago. To let our imaginations run riot in the kitchen and work up one tiny little leftover feast after another and perhaps, if we are terribly lucky, to take the kind of scrumptious little nap ordinary life never quite permits us.

The in-between days are a blessing, so let's treasure every moment: life doesn't have to be a series of waiting rooms...