The Housekeepers Planner

Oh what it is to be organized Housekeepers, because when you have a scrumptious copy of my Vintage Housekeepers Planner you have all the tools you need to know exactly what "organized" feels like! With sixty downloadable pages, charts, logs and forms there is absolutely everything you need to start to plan a life more organized: a home-maker’s dream of routines, rituals, accounts, and records that will I hope make all the difference to your life as a Vintage Housekeeper and help you create the space, time and money to enjoy as many Puttery Treats as you feel you need: because that’s what organization is all about really isn’t? Shoving the dull stuff out the way so you can get on with living a truly fabulous life!

So what is included in the download? Are you ready for this??

The Housekeepers Creed A Page-A- Month 2010 Calendar Dates To Remember Morning Routine Planner Evening Routine Planner Weekly Routine Planner Daily Planner Page Weekly Meal Planner Monthly Dinner Planner Shopping List Kid’s Chore’s Start Chart Favourite Family Recipe Cards Freezer Stock List Pantry Stores Dinner Party Record Grocery Price Check Important Addresses Birthday Gift Record Insurance Organizer Valuable Items Inventory Electrical Goods Record Credit and Debit Card Log Bank Account Record Everyday Spending Log Housekeepers Weekly Budget Housekeepers Monthly Budget Medical Record Medical Appointment Log School Record School Attendance Log Parent and Teacher Discussion Record Babysitter Information Emergency Caregiver Information Gardeners Annual Tasks Seed Starting Notes Houseplant Care Our Pet Log Internet Password Log Online Order Record Ebay Sales Ebay Purchases Book Wish List Library Book Record Favourite Puttery Treats Decorating Organizer Weekly Gratitude and 21 Lovely Things.

I have based the Planner on the original Brocante Planner with a new design and colour scheme and many, many more pages and organizing ideas. Over the next year I will continue to offer free add-ons (blank pages, dividers and worksheets coming free to all Planner buyers next week!) and supplemental packs for sale (by popular request, for Empty Nesters, new Mummies, special events etc…) and this should mean that in the long term you will be able to organize your entire life through the little dotty wonder that is the Vintage Housekeepers Planner… Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me here and in the meantime go right ahead and press the button below and buy yourself a teeny dose of bliss for just $22.00

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