The Enormous List

Did your head ever feel so full of things to-do, things-that-should-be-done, worries and ideas that you start to suspect that left to its own devices it might just blow off? Yep. Me too. Somedays I wake up frankly astonished to find my head still attached to my neck, so likely does the possibility of spontaneous explosion seem to be. Last night in a state of rather demented delirium, I decided to great a grip. You see working on the theory that it is better out than in, I sat down with a pretty notepad, a tiny pen and a cup of tea and I made a list. A big list! An enormous, ginormous, no holds barred, no boundaries list, that would probably take a code-breaker years to crack so random are the two hundred and thirty nine things on it.

You see once I started writing I couldn't stop, and I am pretty sure I am not finished yet! I wrote down dreams, and ideas, and worries, and plans and teeny tiny to-do's like "flea treatment for cat" and "buy dishwasher tablets" in a random fashion. A dream to own something in ten years time, next to a phone call I need to make this morning.  A quote I want to remind myself of. Brocantehome to-do's, next to an instruction to book blood tests, (followed by an inordinate amount of outraged explanation marks for these are blood tests overdue by ummmm, three months). You name it, if it was in my head last night, I wrote it down. And oh my, how very much better I feel for spilling it on to creamy paper.

You see a person cannot think straight when a person's thoughts are so wiggly they are lost in translation and bump up against too many other thoughts. A person cannot be expected to remember to buy batteries, take vitamins, write a newsletter and the first line of a possible novel if a person also needs to search the cupboard for a tin of spanish paprika she knows she owns,  source a game of Cluedo peopled by the characters of The Big Bang Theory for Father Christmas, respond to her sisters wedding invitation, find a dress to wear to said wedding, and work out how many years are left on her mortgage. Things slip through the net you see. Particularly when a persons head is foggy with a little list of troubles she likes to keep shoved in a dark cupboard in the far recesses of her muddly mind.

So the answer is, an ENORMOUS LIST. Now I did think about adding it to my usual task lists here on the internets, but it struck me that the very best place to keep an on-going list was right in front of me on this here coffee table so I can review it every time I sit down with a cuppa (often then) and try in my  own way to keep on top of this thing I like to call my life. I simply cannot ignore my enormous list when it is right in front of me and will need, at the very least, shuffling to order, at least a couple of times a day.

And so here I am. With a head free of two hundred and thirty nine thoughts that were getting on my nerves and rendering me static. Now all I need to do is start ticking them off and remembering to add new ones as I go along, so never again do I reach this state of lunacy.

Won't you do the same? I recommend it whole-heartedly. 

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