The Cheats Guide to Pretty Cupcakes

You know all these women producing cup cakes with all the finesse and mastery of a fine artist? I can barely fathom how they manage it, because every cupcake I produce looks like somebody sat on it.So I trawl cupcake blogs in total awe, astonished at what these seemingly ordinary people are capable of achieving with a piping bag and a bit of ingenuity, and holding their talent with a handful of chopped nuts in the same regard I usually reserve for brain surgeons and plumbers: certain, absolutely bloody certain that they all know a secret the universe forgot to tell me.

And so because my culinary finesse just won't play ball, I have decided to cheat: to master one perfect fairy cake sponge recipe, get clever with a spatula aka this terribly nice woman from The Magnolia Bakery on the videos below and then dress them up with fancy paper holders and pretty things on sticks.



And these things on sticks of which I speak? These darling little cupcake packs from Meri Meri, because they've got us covered Housekeepers! From Pirates to Princesses, to Space Cadets, Thanksgiving and Wedding showers, there is a themed pack for every occasion and I rather think a cute cupcake holder and a paper doll are all we need to bring a little cheer to afternoon tea don't you?

I am nothing if not a Mistress of illusion. Now to master sponge that doesn't sink faster than the Titanic...