The Brocante Calendar

In between making snowman and feeling as though we cannot be far from deaths door with the worst cold EVER, we have not being resting on our laurels here in the hallowed halls of Chez Brocante. Oh no. Far from it! Heaven forbid: I might not be able to string a sentence together but by golly I can wiggle a border and a couple of fonts together  and rustle up an editable, pretty calendar for myself  and have in my reach a darling little something in which to note down two things: all the teeny little joys I want to remember and all the teeny little things I want the universe to know I'm grateful for... What's that? You think it's rather mean keeping it to myself?

Ok Sweets.  Housekeeping Superstars can download it for free and for the uninitiated it is just the teeny sum of $5.00.

Hop over here to grab it for yourself...