The Bliss Really Is Back.


Sometimes you don't believe something till it happens and now my darlings, I have the proof. With the first (re) issue due out in November, Victoria is now available for subscription at $19.98  ($3.33 per issue) for six issues over twelve months on Amazon...

"The endearing charm of the gentle, romantic life captured so vividly in Victoria magazine returns, following the announcement that Hoffman Media will relaunch the much beloved magazine in November, 2007.      

Victoria offers a respite from the hurried pace of life, an opportunity to nourish the feminine soul. Created for all who love the timeless appeal of romantic fashions, heritage linens, charming homes, gracious gardens, unique decorative touches, and all that is beautiful in life, Victoria promises a return to loveliness."

Oh me. Oh my. A return to loveliness. I can't wait.

On My Wishlist...