The Better Me Program - Week Seven

Hello Housekeepers, welcome to the seventh week of the Better Me program -fifty two weeks of inspirational little somethings designed to help you live a life less ordinary... Y'all ready?


Email may have changed all our lives, but it is also something of a tyrant: demanding almost immediate attention and hanging out their in our in-boxes, nagging us until we attend to the quirks, vagaries and relentless efforts at persuasion the rest of the world seems determines to harass us with.

And so today might I suggest getting a grip on email by doing two things.

  1. Decide to attend to email ONLY at an allocated time in the day. Choose first thing in the morning or late afternoon and stick to it. Remove email notifications from your phone and stop keeping an email tab open in your browser. Refuse to be a slave to it.
  2. Then take the inbox-zero challenge so you can move in to a better life without a muddled in-box.


The cupboard under the kitchen sink can all too quickly become a cabinet of horrors if it is not attended to regularly. As Housekeepers it should be priority to keep it both spick and span and thus making its overhaul part of your weekly routine will mean that drips and spills are quickly dealt with, bottles don't accumulate or cloths get musty.

Today spend an hour organizing the cupboard under your sink and start to think of it as Housekeeper's Central: the place where the few bottles you truly need to keep house well are stored. Line the shelves with wipe-able cloth, keep your bottles and tools in a caddy or basket you can quickly pull out and make the topping up of all your homemade cleaners a once a week, scrumptiously fragrant job you look forward to, if only because doing so renews your commitment to your home and its maintenance.

Your home is after all a reflection of your better self...


Today treat yourself to an essential oil diffuser so that you can safely and gently alter the mood of each room and fill the air with the life-enhancing benefits of essential oils. While it is possible to "burn" oils in a few drops of water in a stone or metal burner, this is a crude method of experiencing the benefits of the oils themselves, not to mention a fire hazard, and an absolute bother to clean!

When you start your search for just the right diffuser, study the reviews as carefully as you can and look for diffusers said to be whisper quiet (some can get positively noisy!), easy to clean and fill, and finally big enough to hold a decent amount of water so you can your oils over a reasonably long period of time.

Finally don't skimp financially! Consider this as a significant investment in your own wellness and spend as much as you can afford, for the cheap diffusers simply do not do the job quite as elegantly, or indeed effectively as the better quality and slightly more expensive diffusers, and a decent diffuser, looked after properly will last a long time and re-pay your investment over time with it's reliability.


Today binge watch The Gilmore Girls and remind yourself why female friendship is so very important, then invite your own best friend to spend a weekend away with you doing all the kind of indulgent little nothings it is generally so hard to find the time doing when you are both engrossed so deeply in domesticity.

Remember what it means to really belly laugh! Arrange manicures and cocktails, long walks and coffee and joy of quiet reading in a pretty hotel room. Do it because these are the kind of weekends that happen so rarely they are destined to become precious memories and because life is short, and even though we are all grown up, prioritizing the making of such memories really, really matters because female friendships truly are the steadiest and most reliably unconditional of all the relationships we experience in this lifetime.


Today schedule in a monthly detox for your whole body fuelled by this delicious and nutrient stuffed Cleansing Detox Soup.

Scheduling a regular digestive detox like this and choosing just the one recipe to consume during it will take the headache out of allowing time for your body to heal itself and will remind you that at least once a month you should slow down, refuse as many social obligations as possible, and dedicate two days to gentle self-nurture in the comfort of your own home.


Today make breakfast an easy-peasy process by encouraging your family to embrace the concept of a breakfast bowl: one bowl meals of utter deliciousness created from a selection of fruit, cereal, yogurt and toppings you can prep at the beginning of each week and simply put on the table each morning for each person to choose their own favorite combination of fibre, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Take inspiration from this page on Pinterest and stock up on everything from chia seeds to cinnamon, so you really  can pack as much of a nutritional punch as you can into the most important meal of the day...


Finally today decide that this is going to be the year of the lovely tea-towel. No really. All day and everyday you pick up and use these textile odes to domesticity and using towels so old and worn they are nothing more than rags is no way to celebrate it.

So the way forward is to hold a tea-towel cull. To throw out all but the most perfect of linens and then to buy or even sew a new collection so pretty they make you coo...

Always remember that it is the little things that add up to a better life won't you? 

 Have a lovely week Housekeepers.x