The Better ME Program - Week Four

Hello Housekeepers, welcome to the fourth week of the Better Me program -fifty two weeks of inspirational little somethings designed to help you live a life less ordinary... This m'dears is a one way ticket to betterment...


Today is the day to use your downtime to fine tune your female intuition by listening to Sara Avant Stowers' Bubble Bath Wisdom podcasts because there isn't a woman on the internet who understands our body, hormones and emotions better than she does and settling down to listen to her speak will remind you that we are more than mothers, partner or housekeepers: we are women, with complex needs and desires and we need to acknowledge the demands of our body in order to layer our lives with meaning.


Cross everything off your to-do list this evening and settle down to read Packing Light: Thoughts On Living Life With Less Baggage.  In it Allison Fallon explores what it means to shed all the ties that bind us to our yesterdays; to the junk we have accumulated, and the emotion and regret we have buried deep within.

Read it because being better means travelling lighter and sometimes we need to someone else to show us the way.


Today decide to eat one raw meal every day for the rest of your life: you see it is almost impossible to eat raw junk. Which means that at least once a day you will be sitting down to a meal made of nothing but absolute goodness. No grains, no unnatural sugars, no toxic carcinogens. Just plates full of  the vitamins, minerals and life-giving enzymes our bodies need to thrive.

Raw doesn't have to be boring either! Today then is the day to whet your appetite for a new way of eating by taking Kris Carr's excellent advice and starting raw the right way.


Most of us shower daily and it is quite possible to turn the time spent in the shower in to something more than just a perfunctory means to a clean end.

Today then re-think your shower room so that each and every shower becomes an opportunity to refresh not just your body, but your mind too, by turning it in to a sanctuary for your very soul - a nod to nature, a place to indulge in the healing benefits of aromatherapy, and a sacred space in which to hush the noise so often felt during the rest of the day.

This article from Free People describes a lovely, seven-point plan for truly indulging all of your senses in the bathroom.


Today start planning the Dinner party to end all dinner parties. No really: forget brunches and casual suppers and decide here and now to up your entertainment game.

Do it because planning something so very sophisticated will challenge you and feeling challenged is important on the route to betterment. Do it as an act of gratitude for those you intend to invite. Do it to see if you can do it, to see how comfortable you are with changing the tempo of your usual rituals, and to experience what it is to have to preen your house to standards of never seen before elegance.

Hop over to A Cup of Joe to find a really rather fabulous list of dinner party tips from fifteen genius hosts...


Today choose to have a season of reading at a gentler pace by filling up your Kindle with the delight that is the abundance of vintage domestic fiction to be found for FREE on the internet. I am recommending this kind of book because it above all else it allows you to switch your mind completely off when you are lost in the cheerful ups and downs of a good old-fashioned story and doing something for pure enjoyment, rather than intentional betterment is a healthy way to increase a sense of well-being.

Find  reviews and recommendations for lovely books over at Redeeming Qualities.


And finally today start working your way through this list of 116 things you should throw away right now, because sometimes knowing where to start is half the battle. So print out the list and then think of it as a treasure hunt. Find as many of the items on the list as possible and then drive them straight to the tip. Thereafter pop the list in your Housekeeper's Planner and resolve to perform the same hunt quarterly...

Have a lovely week Housekeepers.x 

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