The Better Me Program - Week Five

Hello Housekeepers, welcome to the fifth week of the Better Me program -fifty two weeks of inspirational little somethings designed to help you live a life less ordinary... Welcome once again, to a little bit of better...


If you suffer from aches, pains, swelling, fluid retention or exhaustion, reducing the foods in your diet that cause inflammation might just go some way to helping you feel better on a daily basis.

This doesn't have to require a gung-ho, ban it all to hell and back approach to your dietary lifestyle, but can simply mean taking a more mindful tack to considering all that goes into your stomach so that the chances of developing leaky gut (which causes inflammation, which in turn causes leaky gut - in short one of nature's vicious circles) is reduced.

So today consider reducing  white sugar, dairy products, trans fats, grains, peanuts, chocolate, nightshade vegetables, coffee and alcohol and substituting them with healthier alternatives.


Today get into the habit of washing your fruit and vegetables in a bowl filled with one part white vinegar to three parts water on the day your purchase them to reduce and remove pesticides and other undesirables from their skin before eating or cooking them.

If you make it a routine to simply do this as part of your grocery unpacking process, you will be more likely to stick to this habit, than if you try to remember to wash them in this way as and when you, or other members of the family need them.


Today commit to writing a hand-written letter by snail-mail at least once a month. Look for a penpal, establish a letter writing routine with an old friend far away or simply delight your mum by surprising her with a little regular something in the post.

Where once a gentle hello was oft to be found on the doormat, these days the art of letter writing is being lost to the casual nature of the text message or email and all the sentiment we could once treasure, is now little more than data to be filed in the cloud.

So today treat yourself to some sumptuous cream heavy laid paper and a sign your missive with a violet, fountain penned flourish. I do believe letter writing matters, don't you?


Today set a weekly flower budget. While money may be tight, there is always room for a cheap and cheerful bunch of daffodils or  even one happy little gerbera daisy to stand in a milk-bottle on your kitchen windowsill.

You see buying flowers doesn't have to mean buying arms full of blousy blooms. It can mean making a weekly pilgrimage to your local florist to buy what is seasonal and pretty. It can mean buying flowers instead of a magazine, or cancelling an internet subscription so that you can afford to buy one or two heavenly posies instead. It can even mean complimenting florist bought flowers with home-grown greenery and foraged twigs and budding branches.

Making the most of your flower budget takes imagination and ingenuity but by simply permitting yourself to spend your own money on something so many people consider to be a luxury, you remind yourself at least once a week that you are worth it.

P.S: You will find some darling inspiration for the most casual and charming flower arrangements here.


Today start counting how many steps you do in a day. This isn't about necessarily challenging yourself to do more, but essentially becoming aware of how sedentary your lifestyle is and making small changes (like walking on the spot while you wait for the kettle to boil) to increase the amount of steps you do as part of your ordinary routine without trying to squeeze three power walks a day into your already busy lifestyle.

So start by treating yourself to a FitBit (I absolutely LOVE mine) or a step counting app on your phone and monitor your daily routine for a week to get an average count for your current lifestyle, then download this great PDF and start using any number of the 100 tips upon it to up that average to the desired 100000 steps a day.


Today treat yourself to an Aloe Vera plant for your kitchen windowsill, for this little spiky leaved plant is multi-talented and I do believe every good housekeeper should have this part of natures pharmacy at her disposal.

For not only will owning an Aloe help you to banish formaldehyde and benzene, which are the by products of many common household cleaner as it is a plant with strong air-clearing qualities, but you will also have a permanent source of first aid available for cuts, sores and irritated skin, merely by snapping one of the leaves and applying the gel inside to the problem. Genius mais non?


And finally today though eBaying can be the most terrible bore, getting into the habit of auctioning a single item you own every time you bring something new in to the house means that you can both offset the accumulation of clutter and make a little bit of money in to the bargain.

So today resolve to schedule an eBay session into your weekly calendar and make it a part of your financial investment in a better future by putting the money you earn in to a savings account instead of spending it on yet more junk!

Have a lovely week Housekeepers.x 

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