The Better ME Program - Week Eleven

Hello Housekeepers, welcome to the eleventh week of the Better Me program: fifty two weeks of inspirational little somethings designed to help you live a life less ordinary... Shall we jump right in?


Today consider throwing out all your old diaries and journals. I know. You believe they are evidence of your soul. And perhaps for a while they were. But you are different now. You have grown. Evolved. Changed. You are different and I truly do not believe that when you are gone those who loved you need to sift through the inner workings of your mind.

Keep only those volumes that document the extraordinary and consider burning all those that tell the kind of truths you would not speak out loud to those you love.


Clear a space at your dressing table and gather every single cosmetic you own then edit it down to exactly that which you need to create a daytime face and an evening face.

You see the most sophisticated women I know have the teeniest make up bags. They haven't got boxes full blusher and three thousand lipsticks because they have perfected the look that reflects their best self and they spend money on quality rather than quantity.

Should you be struggling, consider booking a makeover at a cosmetics counter as the result can be beautifully revealing.


If like mine your head gets horribly fuzzy and you often find yourself quite unable to clarify what needs doing and how you are really feeling, then mind-mapping is the answer and as it needs nothing more than a pen and a piece of paper it becomes a tool you can fall back on anytime and anywhere.

For a thorough overview of the mind-mapping process pop over to Red and Honey.


Today consider the part intimacy plays in your relationship and weigh up how this essential aspect of ourselves is contributing to its health.

Intimacy & Desire: Awaken the Passion in Your Relationship by David Schnarch is a deeply revealing, dare I say it, life-changing read and will teach you a way of interaction that will not only arm you against the more hysterical side of your own mind, but will also ground you in your own reality so you do not project too many of your own perceived shortcomings upon your partner.


Today treat yourself to a set of pillow protectors and housewife pillowcases for all the pillows on your bed.

Layering your pillows the way they do in hotels with a protector, housewife case and top pillowcase gives your pillow more shape and protects the actual pillows themselves from harboring too much grime and grease between laundering.


Spend an hour or two creating a Bedtime Box with all the things you need to enjoy a soothing, life-enhancing bedtime.

Think gratitude journals and Books of Days. Lavender oil and herbal sleeping remedies. An Empty Your Mind notebook. A pen, a sleeping mask and a cosy pair of bed socks... 

Then make a scrumptiously cosy ritual out of working your way through your box each evening in the hour before lights out.


Finally today start a new family routine that may or may not be popular but will guarantee that all the little jobs and tasks liable to be forgotten by family members during each week cannot be excused on the grounds that you have issued each and every capable person with a list of all the things you are aware they need to do, require them to help with or insist that they contribute to during the coming week.

This will help you get in to the habit of delegating at least some of your to-do list and empty your mind so you can get on with what needs to be done.

Have a lovely week Housekeepers.x