New Year - The Better Me Program

New Year New Start!

So a New Year is upon us and we all have a chance to make the teeniest of adjustments to our lives so that day by day we can become the better, or maybe even the bestest versions of ourselves.

Imagine that! Choosing right here and right now to become the version of ourselves we are hiding away under fear or fat, disorganization or exhaustion. For let's face it, it is too easy to put on acceptable face. To be who we have always been, without enduring the kind of internal pressure that says, yes but you could be better than this. You ARE better than this, it's just that this darn bushel does such a fine job of helping you hide your light from the world!

Time to crawl out Sweetie. In your ra-ra skirt and deely-boppers.

Here's the thing I need you to know about the Better Me program: it isn't about changing the world. Or moving to a new country. Or even starting a million dollar business with only a laptop and a pair of flip-flops. No. It is about making one change, or experiencing one tiny little bit of inspiration each and every day of 2016 so that you have the strength, the energy and the commitment to do any one of those things should they be on your bucket list. It is about strengthening relationships, feeling well, creating a sanctuary that nurtures your soul and striding (or taking pointy-toed baby steps!) towards a life less ordinary. For that is what BrocanteHome is about: creating a life less ordinary. A life abundant with small pleasures, teeny joys and the kind of ritual and routine that shore up your life and provide an anchor for your soul.

And it starts tonight. If you are signed up, it will arrive in your in-box this evening and every Sunday evening hereafter for the next fifty-two: a simple program of  one link, idea or puttery treat for each day of the week,  incorporated in to one email per week and delivered on a Sunday evening, so you can plan a week packed with tiny little somethings designed to help you be your best self in 2016.

Covering all aspects of your life from homemaking, to financial abundance, well-being, creative satisfaction and family joy, the Better Me program will gently nudge you to practice extreme self-care and put your vision of how you want your life to be, firmly at the front of your mind.

If you have already signed up I thank you from the bottom of my heart for deciding to come along on this journey with me, for I too will be doing the Better Me program alongside you. And if you haven't then now is your chance: the program isn't seasonal and you can get started anytime so simply click here to sign up for the lowly sum of just $10.00 and your name will be added to the list so your first email can be delivered this evening.

If you are a member of the Vintage Housekeeper's Circle you will have the added bonus of a weekly PDF you can print out and file, so that over the year you can keep all 365 little somethings in order and refer back to them as and when inspiration takes you, and the weekly email will appear as a blog post inside the circle so you don't have to go rooting around your inbox for it.

(Oooh and don't forget: you can still get Circle Membership and all that it entails - including the upcoming Spring House download - for just $49.00 - that's HALF PRICE - when you choose Rose Annual Membership, so simply hop over to The Vintage Housekeeper's Circle and read all about the benefits of membership, then select ROSE ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP from the chart and use the code 2016 to sign up.

And there we have it: the very start of a gorgeous, BETTER new year on BrocanteHome.

We can do this Darlings, we can be better and betterment starts tonight.x 

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