The Art of Homemaking

The Art of Homemaking

Heavens to Betsy, it's here! It has in fact been lurking in the sidebar, and around the corridors of Amazon for a few days now, waiting to be shared with you my lovely readers...

The Art of Homemaking was written a few years ago and originally sold as a download in my store, complete with worksheets and collage pages. Now I have re-formatted this lovely guide to kick-starting the BrocanteHome way of life, especially for the Kindle, and I am delighted to say that it is available in both the US and the UK stores for $2.99 and £1.90 respectively...

Over the next few months Ste will be converting a lot of the existing downloads in the same way to make way for new inspiration and indeed to grab the attention of the kind of wider audience selling on the Kindle can offer, so we can hopefully bring a little more life to this darling community!

If you already have The Art of Homemaking, then please know that it is the same content, simply re-formatted and the only reason to buy it on the Kindle is simply if you would prefer to be able to re-read it in a significantly more accessible format, and of course refer to it when a spot of domesticity takes your fancy!

And Sweeties, can I be a little bit cheeky? You see I would be so very, very grateful if you would take just a moment or two to add your review of The Art of Homemaking to Amazon, as according to the mysterious process that is selling books on this behemoth of a website, reviews dramatically increase the likelihood of a book being viewed by new readers...

A million thank-you's in advance. And of course all my love for sticking by my side through thick, thin and indeed almost transparent!


Click here to buy The Art of Homemaking on Amazon.Co.Uk for £1.90

And click here to buy The Art of Homemaking on for $2.99