The Art of Homemaking

I have been writing about housekeeping for eight years now and here on Brocantehome there is a vast amount of information to be gathered for the new housekeeper or indeed for she who wants to kick-start her domestic life all over again and turn over a scrumptiously fresh new leaf. And so with this in mind I have in the past few months been quietly working towards pulling all my domestic wisdom together into a thirty day plan you can use to subtly (or dramatically!) shift your way of life and finally embrace the routines, rituals and seasonal celebrations I have long been advocating. From going organic, to creating a weekly and daily routine, choosing a creative path and making space for your very personal sense of spirituality, this precious download will provide a map directing you to the heart of your home: a place where you can be yourself without drowning under a relentless pile of laundry. A place my gorgeous housekeepers where rituals will shape your days and puttery treats will sprinkle a little glitter over them. A place you will want to come home to because it encapsulates all that you are today and everything you intend to be tomorrow.

What I have created is a step by step guide to re-inventing your housekeeping existence. A guide to making friends with your house so that it will hug you instead of kicking you in the teeth day after day and remind you, through the voices of housewives gone by, that the urge, or perhaps more significantly the need to keep house is neither anti-feminist, nor futile but is in fact exactly what we must do if we are to nourish our hearts and souls daily and in the long run create a beautiful museum of all that we were: women in control of our own environments and ultimately our destinies, because home is where we begin...

This is the first time I have ever created something quite so prescriptive: less about musings or theory and more about do-able, instant actions you can take to change the way you relate to your home so that the dull stuff becomes more manageable and the thrilling stuff, the pretty and the puttery treats become essential luxuries. It is the first time I have attempted to bring all that I have tried to teach you over the years into one inspirational action plan, and I truly believe that supported by all the work you have already done during Trash It or Treasure It, this is the plan that will finally help you create the life you imagined within your four walls.

While I had hoped to get The Art of Homemaking out before Christmas I want to be realistic and tell you that it isn't going to happen: between sickness and gift-wrapping I am like all of you, thoroughly pushed for time and I don't want to release something less than wonderful to you, and so the launch date for my thirty day plan will be January the 10th, which is I think rather perfect as it gives us just enough time to celebrate Christmas and then clear the tinsel wrapped decks ready to give ourselves over to the annual effort of re-inventing ourselves... and what better way than with a little Brocantehome style scrumptiousness I ask you??

That said I wanted to offer you a little Pre-Launch discount for all those of you who have been kind enough to become Housekeeping Superstars over the year or indeed sign up to my free (and rather erratic!) newsletter, and so I am extending the 20% discount I sent in the newsletter last week to include the The Art of  Homemaking until the end of December and I am sending an extra special discount to all those of you who pay monthly. Those who went for the annual Superstar package will of course get this gorgeous new download absolutely free!

Does that sound good?

So to sum up, if you order The Art of Homemaking TODAY you will receive 20% off the asking price of $25.00 by using the code LOVE in store. And better than that? If you sign up to be a Housekeeping Superstar you will receive an even bigger, extra special discount of 40% if you decide to pay monthly or get this gorgeous action plan absolutely free (along with every other download in the store!) should you decide to become a fully fledged, ever so wonderful HOUSEKEEPING SUPERSTAR!

Roll on January the tenth Housekeepers... life might just change forever!