Tent Wars!

Swoosh! There went another week. So I guess it really is true that life starts galloping towards the finishing line once you find yourself on the brink of middle youth... Today let me begin with two thank-you's. First for all those of you who left comments, or sent emails and cards about Richards Dad. Though he remains in hospital after contracting MRSA (never let it be said that British hospitals are not hotbeds of germs and disease!), we have been told that he is for the moment out of danger and that he will be able to return to his residential care home very soon, which is of course a huge relief for all of us. We are so grateful for your care and prayers, and for me it is some kind of wonderful to be able to share this virtual love with Rich... so thank you again, it is so very much appreciated.

Next up, a huge, enormous thank-you to everybody who has signed up to be a Housekeeping Superstar in the past seven days. The email wasn't scheduled to land in your in-boxes until today, so it was with some surprise that I discovered that I had pre-scheduled it for the wrong date and you (darling you!) were subscribing long before I had got my muddled bottom into gear! Thank goodness then, that you know me of old and know that though things never quite seem to go as planned, Brocantehome and you, it's darling loyal readership remain central in my mind, even when it is apparent to every woman and her scrumptious little pug that I am round the twist! So I simply can't wait to get Season Three of the Vintage Housekeepers Circle going and I am truly grateful to my readers, old and new who continue to have faith in my whimsical, arty farty head and all that I am usually, eventually capable of  spilling on to the screen in this rather haphazard, untimely fashion! I love you. But you knew that right??

The past seven days have been a whirlwind of busy, chaotic family life. Last week saw not only endless hospital visits, but also Richards last day of work, a meal at Jamie Oliver's in celebration/commiseration with his old boss (and his new, giggly Thai bride), a weekend given over to visiting Finley's new school, a Coeliac related episode of gluten induced vomiting after a clearly dubious restaurant "gluten free meal" for my poor little boy hot on the heels of the sad demise of his little hamster Rose (who lived, thank heavens, in Daddy's house!), the purchase of a new car, much ado about camping and all those things one needs in order to survive five days of the same, a spot on my thigh that had little old hypochondriac me self-diagnosing all kinds of nasties and disappeared as promptly as it arrived,  and the two year anniversary of my first meeting with Rich which we celebrated with a pan of home-made soup and an almighty row about a broken vacuum cleaner!

And now we are getting ready to drive three hours down the motorway to glamp it up at PoshStock... otherwise known as Cornbury, the middle class yummy Mummies answer to the muddy hell that is Glastonbury! Not for us mud and mucky loo's, but instead five days of musical bliss, camping in a field resplendent with old ladies who arrive first thing in the morning and set up gingham table clothed tables groaning with scones, jam and cream, cappuccino and pancake stalls, alongside portaloos and showers kept spick and span by excellent attendants and Mommies of gangs of little welly- legged kids, who queue up for the toilets armed with all manner of cleaning fluids, air fresheners and anti-bacterial sprays so even the fussiest amongst us can survive life without the comforts of home...

So here we are: the worlds biggest tent at the ready, extra phones charged to the hilt so we will never lose contact with home, bunting packed ready to string around the entire circumference of our blue nylon house, a list of camping recipes pilfered from all around the web, a new stove and BBQ at the ready and a battle ready to be fought with my sister and  her little family who have also upped the ante this year when it comes to creating a canvas home from home...

Let the tent wars begin! I will be back next Tuesday Sweetie Pies, so in the meantime go putter up a storm in my absence...x