Seeking A Sense of Home.


So this week we are going to look in more detail at the questions on the House of Belonging Questionaire (download it here...)

The first question asks "What does the word 'Home' mean to you?" By this I mean what emotions does the word stir in you?

To many women, particuarly those who stay or work from home, the word conjures up feelings of claustrophobia:  it spells servitude, a place where demands are made upon them and they find it hard to be themselves. To some it feels as if the house is a constant reminder of happier days: a lonely place we find ourselves banging around in, or a place where it seems there is nothing but insurmountable work to do...

To many of us our notion of "home" resides not in the place we live in, but in a house we have long left: the "home" of our childhood, the first house we bought after we were married or the house we brought our children up in. We do not feel at home, simply because we are not, and the house we do live in feels temporary, however permanent it may be..

The key to resolving how we consiously, or perhaps more likely, unconsciously feel about our home, is to identify our feelings, however complex they may be. So tonight, make a start by pouring your feelings onto paper: put your pen onto a piece of paper and write about your house and do not lift the pen off the paper until you have filled the page. Remember this isn't a test: don't worry about what you write; don't stop to re-read it or correct your grammer: just write and when you reach the end of the page you may be surprised to find the truth that is there...