Scrumptious Links For Today...

These are the links that have made me smile recently ~ enjoy! Open A Book A gorgeous timely reminder that life isn't all about the e-book.

My Favorite Find I love the concept of this new treasure hunting site...

How to make your own knickers. You know you want to.

Six years of bean spilling. Susanah Conway. A girl after my own blogging heart.

Anne Tyler: A Life's Work. A rare interview with one of my favourite novelists.

Hope and Greenwood Homeware I am desperately coveting a Portland Bill mixing bowl.

Frank Warren at Ted. The founder of PostSecret talking about secrets on Ted.

Griottes. A positive riot of stunning culinary colour. Original, beautiful and French.

Phoebe Cates' Food Diary Interminable nosiness means I rather adore reading about what other women eat.

An Invocation for Beginnings I loved this. It is wonderful. I have a cheese monster. Cheddar definitely isn't satisfying him. And yes my pencils are sharp enough.

A new approach to Spring-cleaning. For when life feels (as it so often does) out of balance.

Becoming silent A guided meditation for four minutes of quiet in a busy day.