Ruby Ridge Studios

Swear words

It is not very often that one gets to see swear words and beautiful pattern combined successfully, but I do think that in this instance, Ruby Ridge has managed it magnificently, mostly I think because I so very much appreciate the sentiment right now and need to get on with doing that very thing...

Today on the Vintage Housekeeper's Forum I read that my new assistant was wearing a new hat, and in my befuddlement I actually thought she was about to reveal herself showing off a darling velvet cloche, or a daring tweed trilby, when actually she was of course just sharing her new role here on BrocanteHome with our lovely Vintage Housekeepers.

But it got me thinking: perhaps we could all use a little more symbolism in our lives. 

Maybe Mimi needs a new hat in celebration of her new role and I need a poster like the one above to remind me to get my bottom moving and make sh** happen! I am the sort of person you see that needs reminding to do just that, or else I am prone to leaning back, nibbling pineapple creams (not recommended if you were wondering) and watching in horror, while sh** happens to me. Which is clearly not what we want at all.

So yes. I am in search of symbols, (or outright bossy get it it sorted dictates!) and a browse around Ruby Ridge Studios, brought to my attention a whole host of gently persuasive reminders I need in my life now...

ruby ridge studios2

First up this mug. Because all of a sudden I am a boss, and though I have bossed before I do believe I have quite forgotten how!

ruby ridge studios3

Then this printable graphic... Oh Darlings, lets be adventurers. For Ste and I have resolved to throw all caution to the wind and live life a little fiercer than either of us previously have and this charming little image might just be the catalyst we need to get and be adventurers. Or else we will buy bikes and he can do his best to teach me how to ride!

ruby ridge studios 4

And finally, Be Brave. For life has taught me recently, that next to kindness, bravery is the trait that can see us through all manner of trauma and calamity and I want to remind myself daily, that being brave can help me walk through a storm and come out the other side with dignity and strength.

Symbols? Pah! I'm all about words aren't I?

But I am going to insist on Mimi getting herself a new hat.

On My Wishlist...