Recipes and Remedies For Housekeepers

Hello Sweeties, today I am delighted to be able to say that I have finally got my latest Housekeepers Download, finished and ready for sale! Yep, the Housekeepers Recipe Download I have been promising you since way back when is finally available here at BrocanteHome. Yay! What's it all about then? Essentially it is an introduction to keeping house the Brocante way using a short list of natural ingredients, a collection of aromatherapy oils and the little vials of wonder that are Bach's Remedies.

Purposefully intended NOT to be comprehensive in it's scope, the download includes only the recipes I use regularly, because choosing to keep house this way is I believe only viable if you have within your armour a few fool-proof home-made recipes and more importantly the knowledge to mix up others if and when you need them.

You see this isn't about chemistry for the home: it is about offering a safe, cheap, environmentally friendly alternative to shop bought products while using the laws of aromatherapy and the rather magical essences of 38 flowers to make every aspect of our lives that little bit more scrumptious...

My Recipes and Remedies For Housekeepers download will help you to understand the qualities of the few oils I consider useful in the house, show you how you can use them to gently alter the mood in your house, combine them with a few ingredients in your pantry to clean, scrub and sparkle every surface in your home, and prove to you once and for all that keeping house this way truly doesn't have to be a bothersome business!

And better than all that? It is designed to fit seamlessly into your Housekeepers Planner so you will always have it to hand, whatever your domestic emergency is, and can spend the quieter days of the forthcoming holiday planning a sweet-scented 2011...

So what's included?

Tips for Getting Started. Housekeepers Shopping List of Ingredients 22 Gorgeous Aromatherapy Blends Housekeepers Cheat Sheet Aromatherapy Oil Properties The Only Three Cleaning Product Recipes You Need Recipes For the Laundry Room Recipes For Scrubbing and Polishing Recipes For Housekeepers Ailments Recipes For the Sick Room Recipes For Room Fragrances Recipes For the Miscellanea of Keeping House Beauty Treatments For Housekeepers Home-Made Goods Record Housekeepers Aromatherapy Oil Record Bach Remedies For Housekeepers Bach Recipes For Housekeepers Properties of the 38 Bach Remedies And 15 BONUS Puttery Hints For Housekeepers!

All for just $12.00 and guaranteed to be just as wonderful, and better than that, as thoroughly useful, as all of my previous downloads...

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Many many thank you's as always for supporting BrocanteHome in the way that you do. I truly hope my downloads are helping you to be the Housekeeper you always wanted to be, and as a special thank you, please keep your eyes peeled for my FREE 2011 Housekeepers Planner Calender pages, available to download from next week.

May all our days be scented with lavender.x