The Quiet Place Project

The world is too much with me... I talk a lot. I ramble on the phone. Not much because I can't hear too well and its a strain, but still I phone my Mum. I text, and Facebook, and tweet and email and Yahoo and Whats App and I do it all day long and sometimes I wish. I. Could. Just. Shut. Up.

We need a quiet place don't we? A place to escape to so we can turn off our addiction to communication. And though my bedroom is a sanctuary of dark wood and cream walls, even there my ever elusive willpower continues to evade me and I lie awake talking into the early hours. I can't help myself. There is so much to be said.

But even I need a reminder that this relentless chatter is merely filling our heads with noise where there should be frequent silence and so when it all gets too much I go to the Quiet Place Project. And suddenly there is the kind of music that feels like silence. That all pervading sound that reverberates in such a way that you feel it, rather than hear it. And there is a little somebody on your screen reminding you why quiet matters. Why we have to exist outside our own heads and beyond all the tentative connections we forge, and just sit quietly, without rings and bings, and bleeps and squeaks and tones... just for a minute or three every day.

Make it a ritual Sweetheart. Start today and make it a ritual that matters.