Puttery Treats for a Snowy Easter

It is snowing, and I am shuffling around the house in carpet slippers, breathless with a cold and chesty cough and determined to somehow bless this last bit of Winter with a few puttery treats just for the use of... * Find a pretty padded hanger and leave it in the bathroom for the kind of domestic emergencies that require gentle steaming.

* Seek out a vintage umbrella stand and start a collection of fabulous, fluted brollies...

* Knit a square and transform it into a darling little bunny...

* Have a Richard Yates season. Start with The Easter Parade.

* Use vintage teaspoons past their best as pretty plant-markers.

* Start the search for a vintage prayer postcard and keep it propped against your bedside lamp.

* Stitch crochet doillies over the back pockets of your jeans.

* Wrap micro-fibre clothes around kitchen sponges and stitch down one side. They make the most fabulous dusters and can be chucked into the washing machine to clean.

* Start a collection of kaftans: the perfect Spring into Summer house dress because they can be glammed up in seconds with a swipe of lipgloss and a string of beads. Boho-beautiful.

* Squeeze two oranges into a small saucepan and add one teaspoon of good coconut oil. Warm gently until the oil melts and combines with the juice. Pour into a glass and sip slowly to fully experience the soothing benefits of this restorative potion.

* Stitch a body-length bolster cushion in a pretty fabric and delight in how well it supports your knees and back when you wrap yourself around it at bedtime.

* Decorate eggs scrumptiously fast with Washi tape.

* Fold and stitch crocheted doillies into tiny tissue covers for your handbag.

* Line bedroom drawers with black, red or moss green velvet and lay jewellery out flat. It won't move and looks so luxurious.

* Cover a pin-board with pages torn from old books to instantly transform an essential bit of modern kit...

* Create a curiosity wall. Pin postcards and junk shop portraits alongside vintage objet d'art, shadow boxes, teeny scarps of fabric framed, hooks on which to hang a little loveliness and whatever else a treasure hunt around your house turns up. Perfect in the kitchen or in the bedroom.

* Hang a wreath strung with yellow gingham ribbon on your front door to tempt this most reluctant Spring into your life.

* Use drawers discarded from old chests or bureaus as pull out storage spaces for under your bed.

* Wrap a micro-fibre cloth around a long handled broom and use to sweep away cobwebs and dust from hard to reach place. Try not faint in fright when you find yourself chocking...

* Fill a mason jar with cotton wool puffs and sprinkle liberally with essential oils. Replace the lid, shake and leave to infuse for a few days before using wherever you could use a little un-obtrusive fragrance. Perfect for the corners of drawers, inside loo rolls and at the base of wastepaper baskets.

* Write thank-you notes to the universe, seal them in small envelopes and stash them in a child size suitcase at your bedside. Make it a Easter ritual to re-read all that you have to be grateful for.

* Add a cupful of bicarb to a bowl of boiling water and soak kitchen sink cleaning cloths overnight.

* Turn the prettiest of discarded baby socks into scented sachets by filling them with dried lavender and securing the top with a ribbon covered elastic band.

* Turn hanging vintage ladles into tea-light votives in the kitchen...

* Add an exuberant bow to last years ballet flats and wear them as indoor/outdoor shoes around the house. Smile at your feet on a regular basis.

* Seek out and spend money on the perfect heirloom quality Easter bunny and make it a tradition to offer it pride of place on your mantle-piece annually.

* Tie die crocheted doillies with beetroot juice for a gorgeous pop of exuberant colour on your scrubbed pine kitchen table.

* Start a collection of vintage cafe-au-lait bowls . Just add a flaky, still warm from the oven croissant doused in lemon curd for a Spring twist and you are good to go...

* Keep vegetables in a basket lined with hay. Deliciously rustic and helpful in keeping produce cool and dry.

* Banish tickly, irritating coughs during the night by spritzing your bed pillows with apple cider vinegar. Sounds weird, worked a treat for me.

Enjoy my Darlings!

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