Our Sentimental Garden

Ooooh I have got a little gem for you tonight! Our Sentimental Garden is the quirky little tale of one Agnes Sweetman Castle's garden. Written in charming fashion in 1914, with illustrations by Charles Robinson, Our Sentimental Garden  is the kind of delight that has me wanting to stop the world so I can travel back in time to Agnes and Egerton's garden and wander around their lawns in white voile... 


our sentimental garden 2


Written when the country was on the brink of war, the book speaks of a house and garden that the authors admit would have to be sacrificed to become "a home of convalescence for some of our wounded, still unknown, but to be welcomed soon..."


our sentimental garden 3


And so among the giggly little tales of four-legged friends and plants chosen for abundance not gardeners' pretension, there is nostalgia written between the lines. A sense of capturing what matters before it is lost...


our sentimental garden 4  

It really is adorable. While many gardening books from this era are apt to take themselves a little seriously, Our Sentimental Garden weaves all manner of threads of domesticity to form a descriptive and delightful tapestry of a time now lost, with some stories that are laugh out loud funny and others simply sentimental and so very sweet.


our sentimental garden 5


So if you have spent this afternoon pottering around the garden, then this book might just be the perfect companion this evening: a reminder of what it is we endeavor to create and indeed a reminder of the kind of times our hearts yearn for in an era when so many of the simplest pleasures, like gardening,  have been lost to the noise of the internet and yet another box set...


our sentimental garden 6  

Enjoy dear Housekeepers. I am getting in bed with a cup of chamomile myself. Dirt still lingering beneath my nails and happy memories of an hour in my own garden today trying to magic beans from seeds and save the borders from the attentions of the grubbiest dog in the land. Night night.x