New Year's Resolutions For Vintage Housekeepers

New Year's Resolutions for Vintage Housekeepers

It is only after the first week of the New Year has passed that I do believe it is possible for the New Year's Resolutions for Vintage Housekeepers to really get a grip on the creation of domestic resolutions and the implication of new housekeeping routines. For it is only when we have managed to get the decorations down and neatly packaged away, and the children back to school, that we really feel like we can truly shift our focus back on to the business of keeping house in the peaceful, uncluttered manner our heart yearns for.

And so today I wanted to set out a list of ten do's and do-nots to either adopt or abandon as we step in to 2016: little somethings that will help us keep house with an abundance of both spirit and determination.

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